Plastic Yarn
Shin Soft
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【Fiber cross-section 】 【Fiber outlook】
Main advantages :
Wicking、Breathable、Keep Warmth、Elastically Soft、Dry、Light weight、Compressible、Sound reduction.

Special :

  • A innovated & patented fiber first come out the market around the world.
  • Structure can be counted as 5 parts with 4 lobes' T bone + 1 central. Independently flexible T-bone, consist of 2 pieces of "1", each about 0.2D if 2D's 4T fiber, with microfiber's hand feel and inner "+" structure supporting  better elastic and soft performance as well as completely climate adjustable.
  • Open and deep-grooved channel structure  capillary action enhances a dry feel on the surface.
  • Completely moisture control and all functions in one.
  • Spec : 1.5D~3D x 30/ 38/ 64 mm, others cut-length on request.
  • Application: apparel, socks, wool textiles, wipes, nonwoven, ECO-DOWN for filling, filtration.
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